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How to Make a House Out of Cardboard 4 years ago

In school, most kids get projects in which they have to make cardboard houses for marks. Either that or sometimes, you may even want to make a cardboard house for yourself.

Back in the day, when dollhouses made of plastic were not so common, children used cardboard lying around the house to make houses for their little toys and for playing purposes.

You can easily make one at home using some simple steps. The supplies needed for this project are also quite simple with the most complex one being the cardboard itself. Getting the Box

The first step is to find the right kind of cardboard box. Make sure you choose a box that is sturdy and will not fall due to pressure but at the same time is also easy to carry. If you have a box that is bigger than a shoe box, that would be a perfect size.

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Place the box upside down with the ends that are open facing towards the bottom. It is your choice if you want to cut off the flaps of the board or you want to hold them close.

Do not cut the bottom if you want to have a roof. To form the rook, you need to make two lines on the alternating sides of the box.

What you should be aiming for is to make a triangle structure, and then you cut it using a pair of scissors. When you have cut out the roof, it should be large enough so that it can cover your roof space. Bend the roof in half and keep it over the building of your house.

Glue the roof on the top of the house. It is a little hard to glue the ends of the roof to the building, so you need to hold it in place until the glue has dried. Use super glue for better results.

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Making the Doors and Windows:

For cutting out the doors and windows, you need to use a pencil to trace the shape of the window or the door. After you have placed where you want to keep the two things, then outline the two using a pencil. Now, you need to cut the windows and doors accurately either with a pair of scissors or a sharp knife.

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Decorating Your House: You can stop here or add more things to your house. Cut out strips of cardboard from the excess cardboard that you have and glue it carefully in place to make separate rooms, if you want. It is hard to glue these pieces since the bottom is quite flat so you need to hold the piece in place while it is drying.

You can also paint your house. Since the process is slightly messy, spread a newspaper on the floor and keep your box on it. Now, make the pattern on your box with a pencil if you want to paint differently. Now, paint your box nicely and make you’re the detailing is accurate.

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This will prevent any mess since your floor or working area is covered with a newspaper for damage control. Now, leave the box for drying overnight. If you are making a dollhouse, sprinkle some glitter onto the wet paint. This will eliminate the need for glue and will also glam up your house. Hopefully, this method of making a cardboard house will work for you. For more information on how to make branded cardboard boxes, you can follow other tutorials and learn more about the art of making houses out of cardboard.