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How To Turn Your Vape Juice Box From Blah(ordinary) Into Fantastic 2 years ago

The vaping industry is expanding at a very fast rate, and each passing day is showing a better sense for the vape companies. The fundamental component or ingredient of the vape industry known as the marijuana or weed is getting legalized in most of the countries like twenty stats of the US legalizes the status of cannabis, also some other Europe countries are working on it. It shows that the vape industry has a lot of chances to grow as the number of potential buyers is reside in Europian countries.

Vape packaging

The vape is used as a recreational thing, and people use it for the flavors taste with the relaxing effect on the brain. The vaping is very common among people and almost available in all over the world if not restricted by the country's laws. The vaping is done using an electronic device that contains the electric battery and vape juice. The vape juice is made with the alluring flavors taste of fruits like banana, apple, or mix fruit. Also, some level of THC chemical is added into the juice, which is a psychoactive drug and used for the soothing effect for the brain and mind.

A lot of brands are working in vape juice boxes, and two things make them prominent in the market, one is the taste of the flavor, and the second thing is the packaging or vape juice box. When we studied the vape market, we found that the companies which are leading the vape market are those who are effectively spending money on their vape juice boxes.

In this article, we are going to guide you based on facts about how you can change turn the vape market on your side by adding small changes in your juice box packaging and how you can make your vape juice box from zero to hero figure in the market.

Focus on Specific:

If you want to make your boxes more compatible with the market or customer demand, you need to be more specific. Like, you need to find out who are your most often buyer what kind of customer you are dealing with on a daily basis and also what kinds of demands they were doing from you when they came to buy these juices on the store. You can maintain the records and apply these changes, or you can go the extra mile and try to overcome the most demanding thing in your boxes.

Vape juice box

Better Business With Better Design:

The statement is unambiguous that if you want to make your name in the market, then you need to design your boxes to fulfill every aspect of the product. Like the fist demand of the design, it should be creative enough to urge the customer to ask about the product once who does not know about it, and the one who is aware and regular should also inquire more about the product. You can do better business in terms of revenue brand recognition and much more if you have better designs.

Customization Can Help You a Lot:

You must have heard this name of customization if you are somewhat related to any business. The customization provides you more grip over the vape juice boxes or packaging needs. You can demand you desire to color, size, and shape of the boxes. In simple words, you spend time making your boxes more alluring with your acumen knowledge of the business. And this you can later you ordinary boxes to the fantastic tools of marketing which will earn you a handsome for you.

Why Air Freight From Dubai is Cheaper 2 years ago

To understand the answer to this simple question, we need to understand a few basic things First, Dubai is the leading hub of logistics due to there seaport there is thousand of the container every day arrive, and the other edge that makes the Dubai logistics stronger is government policies that helpful for a common people to make easier for any businessman to send air freight from Dubai.

The second most important thing is the chargeable unit,

What is the Chargeable Unit in Air Freight? Chargeable unit is a basic thing that uses in air freight to measuring the weight commonly it is in Kilogram. Most of the time, if we select the route to Dubai to China or Europe, it varies from 2.5$ to 2.15$ depend upon your shipment.

The second most important reason why it is cheap is that we not deliver door to door, so the traveling cost like shipment from airport to door is also cut down.

The last but not least is the weight of cargo if your shipment heavier in weight then you get the best cheap Price due to heavy load.

Image Text

Dubai is the hub of every kind of logistics there is a number of companies here in Dubai that give you the best quality freight forwarding solutions because due to large logistics hub, there is so much scope of logistics in Dubai. No matter you need air freight, Land freight, all kind of shipping to warehouse solutions, and the best thing is that the prices are affordable, so in terms of logistics, Dubai is every time favorite.

Why do you consider Dubai? In recent year Dubai expo 2020 gained so much hype, and it's collected so much business attraction, Dubai expo 2020 is the probably starting in 2020 and its boost the Dubai economy to the next level. This is the first expo that did on such a huge platform. Already there is a number of countries officially announced the participation.

So it's mean that Dubai has something that every country is interested in, especially in logistics, Being an active member of the logistics industry. I hear much time, Dubai is doing so many things in logistics. Especially if we talk about AI and logistics and recently UAE did huge investment in Blockchain because they know in the upcoming year Dubai lead the logistics to the world.

Let say you find the air freight cheaper then Dubai, but what if they have an old traditional system to track the things, and you know its terrible if you badly need the location of shipment and logistics companies to take days to track. Here the technology helps you to track the shipment with accuracy. As the blockchain is added in logistic companies, so the accuracy of logistics tracking and exchange of money is also easier

Technology is much cheaper than men's power and also it efficient to do the work perfectly.

Let sum up all the reasons: Dubai is the leading hub of logistics, so as the multiple companies available, so every company tries to compete with each other in terms of Price and services, so air freight rates are affordable and not increase too much.

As you know in air freight door to door air freight service does not include that cut the cost of vehicle shipment, so it becomes cheaper than door to door.

How You Can Use Custom Boxes for Good Presentation 3 years ago

Let’s be real for a second; nobody likes a plain old and bland brown box. Although people often get excited when it approaches their doorsteps that is most probably because they have no idea what’s inside it. It might be the gift from a friend, who lives abroad, a cheap marketing gimmick from a bank or any other dealership, a postal service. We live in a world where a dress that cost $5000 and a flip-flop of $2 is delivered in the same box.

Why is the Custom Box Used:

For the e-commerce business, the shipped packages represent the most direct interaction with the customers, but it also happens to be the most under-utilized marketing opportunities for the sellers. Basically packaging in e-commerce comes out of the necessity for the protection of the most important thing i.e. the product ordered by the consumer. However, as e-commerce continues to grow and the consumer habits change, delivering a complete brand extends beyond the product itself and transcends into a whole new experience. A lot of companies out there making custom boxes and you can simply select one of your choices and ask them to make a packaging according to your needs.

Image Text

How is a Presentation of Product Important?

The presentation is an integral part of almost every business and as the saying goes advertising can either make your brand or break it, well that’s really not how the saying is but the presentation does matter a lot. The presentation is basically the way you are going to present your brown box in such a way that leaves the customer is in awe, and he buys the products from you again and again. Improving your presentation will gain you more potential customers. Custom boxes are an excellent example of this presentation and advertisement of the product. It is a relatively cheaper method. An attractive and good looking box can encourage customers to physically visit the store, if any, after appreciating its quality.

The custom printed box is an economical way to promote a business. It also looks a lot more aesthetically appealing as compared to the brown box. Creating a unique business identity is extremely important for a business.

Custom Boxes Baking Industry:

One of the most generic uses of custom printed boxes is also seen in the baking industries. It has become a common practice for the bakeries to use these for holding the cakes, pastries and other eateries for transport and ease of mobility. And people come up with different creative designs; at times some of the firms also have drawings on the boxes making them look very much appealing. Because someone said that it is the eye that eats.

Image Text

How to Improve Presentation Using Custom Boxes?

While designing the make custom boxes give importance to the color, text that is to be printed on it and designing the logo. But people often tend to ignore the style of the text thinking that it does not matter, well that is a misconception. Consumers like to see different styles of fonts. No one wants to see a book written in Calibri font with no creativity or new in it. So come up with unique text styles so that it gets imprinted in the mind of your customer.

Think outside the box, do things that other people might find crazy. Be innovative and a step ahead of your competitors. At times people often get the insides of the box printed with abstract drawing so that when the customer opens up the box he or she is left in awe and a daze that all of this is done for them. This, in turn, makes them buy from the sellers again and again because they enjoy the creativity of the manufacturer.

Best Unique Ways to Create T-shirt Packaging Ideas 3 years ago

T-shirts are one of the most worn pieces of clothing ever. The light, comfy t-shirts are worn by irrespective of the gender. Whether routine at home or going out most people prefer wearing t-shirts. But the enormous number of choices it is hard for the customer to choose the perfect t-shirt. As we say, a product's packaging is as important as the product itself. The companies should think outside of the box to create innovative packaging ideas.

Following are some ideas given to present an insight into the creative and stylish way of packaging our daily wear t-shirts

It is nice when the companies invest time and effort in creating their garment perfect, and it's important too. Still, when they think about making the packaging unique also, then it’s definite that this company is hitting significant milestones. If you add a boast a little about your product on the package, this will guarantee to attract more customers.

T-Shirt packaging

This packaging is style is unique in a way that will keep your tee shirt wrinkle-free and also proves to be a little unconventional.

Image Text

Do not be scared to go a little cheesy (hehe). That was a bit cheesy joke here, and by the way, how cool is this package design. I am getting this shirt for myself, but to be honest, I will be getting it more for its package.

Image Text

Some companies incorporate the brand logo into a package, which is firstly fresh, and secondly, this kind of packages aids in the excellent marketing of the product. A company logo should be unique yet straightforward so that it can easily be incorporated into the package design.

Image Text

We all like something useful to us. This kind of packaging is innovative because it can turn into the hanger, which is good because we all got short of hangers-on one or the other day.

Image Text

The custom shirt boxes should attractive as the colorful boxes make customers attracted to the product. Most of the time, customers are so used to seeing the conventional packaging, colors, and design, so once a while, they purchase a product just because they found it visually pleasing. But don’t go overboard with creating something different instead of giving us a cringe.

Image Text

Use environmental friendly packaging. Gone are the days when peoples did not care what harm the packaging does to your environment. Now people realize and invest in something that they know is eco-friendly. So try to use a material that is environmental loving and mention it on the product packaging and observe their interest in keeping the environment clean.

Image Text

Come up with a theme. This is one of the most important yet creative aspects. If you can theme to your tee shirt packaging, it will surely catch a lot of attention. It instantly brings a smile to the customer's face, and then you can surely say that they are going to buy a product. As with the above picture, the packaging is themed to some sweet or bakery product like a cupcake or an ice cream. Not only the packaging is sturdy but also vibrant in colors that will flatter the customer into purchasing it.

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How to Make a House Out of Cardboard 4 years ago

In school, most kids get projects in which they have to make cardboard houses for marks. Either that or sometimes, you may even want to make a cardboard house for yourself.

Back in the day, when dollhouses made of plastic were not so common, children used cardboard lying around the house to make houses for their little toys and for playing purposes.

You can easily make one at home using some simple steps. The supplies needed for this project are also quite simple with the most complex one being the cardboard itself. Getting the Box

The first step is to find the right kind of cardboard box. Make sure you choose a box that is sturdy and will not fall due to pressure but at the same time is also easy to carry. If you have a box that is bigger than a shoe box, that would be a perfect size.

Image Text

Place the box upside down with the ends that are open facing towards the bottom. It is your choice if you want to cut off the flaps of the board or you want to hold them close.

Do not cut the bottom if you want to have a roof. To form the rook, you need to make two lines on the alternating sides of the box.

What you should be aiming for is to make a triangle structure, and then you cut it using a pair of scissors. When you have cut out the roof, it should be large enough so that it can cover your roof space. Bend the roof in half and keep it over the building of your house.

Glue the roof on the top of the house. It is a little hard to glue the ends of the roof to the building, so you need to hold it in place until the glue has dried. Use super glue for better results.

Image Text

Making the Doors and Windows:

For cutting out the doors and windows, you need to use a pencil to trace the shape of the window or the door. After you have placed where you want to keep the two things, then outline the two using a pencil. Now, you need to cut the windows and doors accurately either with a pair of scissors or a sharp knife.

Image Text

Decorating Your House: You can stop here or add more things to your house. Cut out strips of cardboard from the excess cardboard that you have and glue it carefully in place to make separate rooms, if you want. It is hard to glue these pieces since the bottom is quite flat so you need to hold the piece in place while it is drying.

You can also paint your house. Since the process is slightly messy, spread a newspaper on the floor and keep your box on it. Now, make the pattern on your box with a pencil if you want to paint differently. Now, paint your box nicely and make you’re the detailing is accurate.

Image Text

This will prevent any mess since your floor or working area is covered with a newspaper for damage control. Now, leave the box for drying overnight. If you are making a dollhouse, sprinkle some glitter onto the wet paint. This will eliminate the need for glue and will also glam up your house. Hopefully, this method of making a cardboard house will work for you. For more information on how to make branded cardboard boxes, you can follow other tutorials and learn more about the art of making houses out of cardboard.