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How You Can Use Custom Boxes for Good Presentation 3 years ago

Let’s be real for a second; nobody likes a plain old and bland brown box. Although people often get excited when it approaches their doorsteps that is most probably because they have no idea what’s inside it. It might be the gift from a friend, who lives abroad, a cheap marketing gimmick from a bank or any other dealership, a postal service. We live in a world where a dress that cost $5000 and a flip-flop of $2 is delivered in the same box.

Why is the Custom Box Used:

For the e-commerce business, the shipped packages represent the most direct interaction with the customers, but it also happens to be the most under-utilized marketing opportunities for the sellers. Basically packaging in e-commerce comes out of the necessity for the protection of the most important thing i.e. the product ordered by the consumer. However, as e-commerce continues to grow and the consumer habits change, delivering a complete brand extends beyond the product itself and transcends into a whole new experience. A lot of companies out there making custom boxes and you can simply select one of your choices and ask them to make a packaging according to your needs.

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How is a Presentation of Product Important?

The presentation is an integral part of almost every business and as the saying goes advertising can either make your brand or break it, well that’s really not how the saying is but the presentation does matter a lot. The presentation is basically the way you are going to present your brown box in such a way that leaves the customer is in awe, and he buys the products from you again and again. Improving your presentation will gain you more potential customers. Custom boxes are an excellent example of this presentation and advertisement of the product. It is a relatively cheaper method. An attractive and good looking box can encourage customers to physically visit the store, if any, after appreciating its quality.

The custom printed box is an economical way to promote a business. It also looks a lot more aesthetically appealing as compared to the brown box. Creating a unique business identity is extremely important for a business.

Custom Boxes Baking Industry:

One of the most generic uses of custom printed boxes is also seen in the baking industries. It has become a common practice for the bakeries to use these for holding the cakes, pastries and other eateries for transport and ease of mobility. And people come up with different creative designs; at times some of the firms also have drawings on the boxes making them look very much appealing. Because someone said that it is the eye that eats.

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How to Improve Presentation Using Custom Boxes?

While designing the make custom boxes give importance to the color, text that is to be printed on it and designing the logo. But people often tend to ignore the style of the text thinking that it does not matter, well that is a misconception. Consumers like to see different styles of fonts. No one wants to see a book written in Calibri font with no creativity or new in it. So come up with unique text styles so that it gets imprinted in the mind of your customer.

Think outside the box, do things that other people might find crazy. Be innovative and a step ahead of your competitors. At times people often get the insides of the box printed with abstract drawing so that when the customer opens up the box he or she is left in awe and a daze that all of this is done for them. This, in turn, makes them buy from the sellers again and again because they enjoy the creativity of the manufacturer.