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Why Air Freight From Dubai is Cheaper 2 years ago

To understand the answer to this simple question, we need to understand a few basic things First, Dubai is the leading hub of logistics due to there seaport there is thousand of the container every day arrive, and the other edge that makes the Dubai logistics stronger is government policies that helpful for a common people to make easier for any businessman to send air freight from Dubai.

The second most important thing is the chargeable unit,

What is the Chargeable Unit in Air Freight? Chargeable unit is a basic thing that uses in air freight to measuring the weight commonly it is in Kilogram. Most of the time, if we select the route to Dubai to China or Europe, it varies from 2.5$ to 2.15$ depend upon your shipment.

The second most important reason why it is cheap is that we not deliver door to door, so the traveling cost like shipment from airport to door is also cut down.

The last but not least is the weight of cargo if your shipment heavier in weight then you get the best cheap Price due to heavy load.

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Dubai is the hub of every kind of logistics there is a number of companies here in Dubai that give you the best quality freight forwarding solutions because due to large logistics hub, there is so much scope of logistics in Dubai. No matter you need air freight, Land freight, all kind of shipping to warehouse solutions, and the best thing is that the prices are affordable, so in terms of logistics, Dubai is every time favorite.

Why do you consider Dubai? In recent year Dubai expo 2020 gained so much hype, and it's collected so much business attraction, Dubai expo 2020 is the probably starting in 2020 and its boost the Dubai economy to the next level. This is the first expo that did on such a huge platform. Already there is a number of countries officially announced the participation.

So it's mean that Dubai has something that every country is interested in, especially in logistics, Being an active member of the logistics industry. I hear much time, Dubai is doing so many things in logistics. Especially if we talk about AI and logistics and recently UAE did huge investment in Blockchain because they know in the upcoming year Dubai lead the logistics to the world.

Let say you find the air freight cheaper then Dubai, but what if they have an old traditional system to track the things, and you know its terrible if you badly need the location of shipment and logistics companies to take days to track. Here the technology helps you to track the shipment with accuracy. As the blockchain is added in logistic companies, so the accuracy of logistics tracking and exchange of money is also easier

Technology is much cheaper than men's power and also it efficient to do the work perfectly.

Let sum up all the reasons: Dubai is the leading hub of logistics, so as the multiple companies available, so every company tries to compete with each other in terms of Price and services, so air freight rates are affordable and not increase too much.

As you know in air freight door to door air freight service does not include that cut the cost of vehicle shipment, so it becomes cheaper than door to door.